Privacy Skills Training

1 hour | 1:1 Training |  $125

privacy skills

Using modern technologies comes with an unexpected trade-off of our data & privacy.  Every search, location change, app, or social media post gathers more personal information about us that is shared, collated, and sold for profit. In many cases that information is eventually stolen from the original perpetrators through a data breach, and ends up in the hands of unknown players who yet again exploit it to use for nefarious purposes including identity theft.

Based on tips and strategies from my privacy skills newsletter, this one hour consultation teaches you the basics of protecting or obscuring the personal information that is collected about you, and helps you build dead ends to prevent it from being connected to more info.

This is an information filled hour in which I will teach you tips and strategies for cleaning up your digital footprint, and how to control what personal information is collected about you. Including but not limited to…

Determining your threat model

We’ll talk about the devices & services you  use, check to see if you’ve already been compromised, & get a clear understanding of what your threat model is & how to mitigate it as much as possible.

Work vs personal life

Most of us have a work life & a personal life. Unfortunately many of us combine them into one singular persona that allows even more data about us to be tracked & collated. We’ll talk about separating work from personal & why you should want to.

Protecting personal info

We’ll discuss strategies for cleaning up your digital footprint, protecting your identifying information, cleaning up your inbox, your contacts, shopping online, & protecting your information online & off.

Social media

Using social media means having personal information, habits, tracking, and data collected. Not using social sites is not practical for everyone. We’ll talk about ways to lessen the amount of information collected, and reduce cross contamination.

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