AWESOME Home office with Husky workbench desk setup

More room, and stability than traditional desks at half the cost.

Desk Set Up

I’ve owned many cheap “for now” desks over the years that I never really liked. This time I needed a desk that was strong, roomy, and that could support various mounts, and clamps for my gear. Instead of a traditional “desk”, In the end, I decided to go with a Husky 6 foot adjustable work bench.

PC: I already had a decent off the shelf Cyberpower desktop with a 6th Gen i5, 32 GB RAM, 4G GPU, and I added a second SSD so that it dual boots Windows 10 Pro and Ubuntu. Still runs great!


I needed to improve my Zoom calls & virtual meetings. As a result of watching many hours of tips and reviews, I decided to buy a used Sony a5100, and invest in a quality lens that could be used for years to come when I upgrade to a newer version of Sony. As well as good video, good lighting is essential.


Good audio is essential for good video. The clarity of my voice is essential to making sure that my clients can hear me. It was important that I had a good mic set up that I wouldn’t have to fiddle with during video conferencing and podcasting. Furthermore, I needed a headset to take calls both at my desk and away from it.


Wi-Fi is something I only use when necessary. The fastest and most reliable speed and connection can only be achieved using Ethernet. In my office, there is no internet connection, so a power line adapter was needed. In addition, I needed a small office server for backups and storage, as well as a cloud storage solution.

Network attached storage: Synology 4 bay NAS DiskStation DS920
Drives: Seagate IronWolf 2TB NAS Internal Hard Drive HDD
Cloud: Nextcloud running on Linode
VPN #1: Proton VPN
VPN #2: Self hosted, Open VPN running on Linode


While I am at work I listen to music constantly. Additionally I needed a television that could double as a third monitor so I could watch tech videos, listen to podcasts, or play video games (don’t judge me). Having a couch to relax on when reading a book or working on a laptop is a huge perk. It was important that the space was comfortable, as well as functional, and not staged.


  • I use Synergy to share the keyboard and mouse across the Mac, and PC.
  • Camera, video lights, and camera monitor are on smart plugs so that I can turn them off and on at a moment’s notice for video calls.
  • These LG monitors have multiple inputs. The PC uses the display ports, the Mac uses HDMI-1. I switch the inputs on the monitor, so I can use either on both, or one on each.
  • Flat white sound panels are also great for bouncing light for even more diffused lighting.
  • Receiver is Bluetooth connected to the Android tablet for streaming music. It also controls the lights and smart plugs via Google Home.
  • The desktop studio monitors are connected to the PC, Mac, and Rodecaster through various inputs including 1/4-1/4 (Rodecaster), USB B-USB A (Mac), 3.5 mm – RCA (PC).

Accessories not pictured

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