IT, Web, & WordPress Support

On call support
For Remote Workers

Who don’t have access to a full-time IT department to help with technical issues.

For individuals & small teams

On call, remote IT support services, & consulting when you need it.

For Small Businesses

For when you need occasional help, troubleshooting, or just someone to answer questions.

15+ years experience as a web, technology & WordPress support specialist

I can help you with

Remote IT Support
Help troubleshooting Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, SOHO networks & technologies.
WordPress Support
Troubleshooting, design, customization, maintenance, security, or all of the above.
Privacy & Security
Learn to separate work from your personal life, & protect your privacy & critical information.
General Web Support
Website reviews, SEO, social media, DIY tools, Wix & Squarespace, or whatever you're struggling with.
On Call support when you need it

How it works


Consulting/Coaching is a (1) hour video chat & screen share for individuals or small teams. You can use your time to learn specific skills, Q & A, or I can assist you with technical issues.

  • After hours available
  • Up to 4 team members
  • Can be Audio only
  • Record mode available
  • Nothing to install
  • Encrypted connection
  • White board, & docs
  • Screen share

Each session is (1) hour & can be scheduled in advance at a time that is convenient for you. You can schedule a support session days in advance, later this week, or check today’s availability.

IT Support

For individuals or organizations who need hands-on WordPress help, or remote IT support, a custom plan is a set of hours that you or your team can use as needed over time.

  • Priority support via email, phone or tickets
  • Account management dashboard to track projects, time, billing, & more
  • Month to month, or I can customize a yearly support plan for you.
  • Available for individuals, teams, & organizations.

Remote ITsupport is available in 2, 5, or 8 hour packages. Your time can be used for projects, monthly, or I can customize a plan to fit the needs of your organization. (read more)

What they’re saying
Ron Giovanni
Giowell Group, LLC
Managing Partner & Chief Visionary Officer

He not only helps with web but also with other IT issues we may have plus he is a great biz coach. His advice is always on target!

Steve Pitt

He focused on my specific problem & worked to resolve the issue ASAP. So refreshing to find someone that is responsive, professional, knowledgeable & honest.

Nick Krawczyk

Harold will absolutely be my go-to person for all future… issues. He fixed my site within about 20 minutes of my making a call to him, & then also offered some additional tips to help me keep from making mistakes in the future.

Nancy Meenen
Crossfit Seattle

Harold is pleasant, straightforward & a problem solver…He is exactly the kind of person I like to work with.

Katharine Giovanni
Giowell Group

Harold fixed all the problems I was having on my website & updated the look & copy on several major pages. As I result, sales increased virtually immediately!

Dave Goldfarb
Google Reviews

I HIGHLY recommend Harold for any computer/website job that you might have. I found him to be prompt, efficient, personable, & amenable to my desire of communicating through email instead of on the phone

Frequently Asked Questions


That’s just another way of saying that I teach people how to use their devices, understand web technologies, & specifically technology that relates to running & managing their business.

With most video conferencing solutions when the session is over any  notes, messages, or documents shared are also gone. You also need to start a new session, email new access links every time you want to chat.

A persistent meeting room means that we keep the meeting area up for a defined period so that all participants can revisit it, copy or download any notes or documents, download a video of the meeting.

For account clients it means that you can bookmark one link to your private meeting room for quick communication or conference.

If something comes up let’s first try to reschedule to a time that’s more convenient for you. There is no fee to reschedule as long as it’s not last minute or after your appointment as already passed.

But if you must…

Cancellations within 24 hours of schedule meeting time will be refunded, minus a processing fee (because the payment processing  company has already charged me) of $10 (because they charge for refunds too).

Cancellations under 24 hours will be charged $25, & the remainder refunded.

Refunds can take 7-10 days to process back to your card.

No I do not. I highly recommend that you get accounting & legal advice from licensed accountants & practicing attorneys.

Yes. Contact me & let’s discuss the details.

When you’re choosing your meeting time, you will be asked for additional emails. Input the emails of your team members or whoever you’re sharing the time with.

No. There’s nothing to install. No log ins to remember. My meeting software is browser based so all you have to do is click a link to attend.

Tech support plans are blocks of hours that can be used over time. Great for professionals, organizations & agencies who need on call priority support. Rates are time based allowing you to mix & match support areas however you wish.

Read more here.

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